Headed To Paradise And Wish You Could Stay? Be Careful What You Wish For!

I was headed to Florida right after Christmas to spend a few days with my daughter McKenna, her guy RJ and my two grandsons Nathaniel and Kane. But as the time to travel started to get closer and the Omicron spread became greater and the fight uncertainty continued to grow I decided I’d go maybe next month or possibly in March. Air travel in general has been so hap-hazard I’m actually glad I stayed home. So I have a story of some folks who went to Cancun from Montreal and partied pretty hard on the plane! So hard that their airline decided to cancel their return flights and with the word spreading other airlines didn’t want them either. So they’re stuck in Mexico with no way home. Ooooops there it is. Have fun, but be cool! See the story below about the party passengers stranded.

Partying Passengers Stuck In Mexico.