Heading Into Chicago. Might Want To Read This First.

I don’t know about you, but I find my travels into the city of Chicago are substantially less than they were a few years ago. Now obviously the COVID pandemic has slowed all of our travels in the past year, but I have to say the city just doesn’t hold that allure that it use to! Before the pandemic there was still the crime, carjackings, the shootings and of course the prices. Almost 11% sales tax on top of those downtown dollars. The city still is inviting, but then there’s the traffic too. A new report, just out, ranks Chicago 3rd worst in the US and the Eisenhower Expressway as the most congested in the country. Not a fun road to traverse on! So you got high prices, potential crime and it’s gonna take some time to get there. Kinda makes ya wanna go hmmmmm or at least consider going somewhere else.

Chicago Traffic 3rd Worst and The Eisenhower Ranks # 1 For Congestion.