Healthier Eating – It’s Time

Hi this is Leslie Harris. A few years ago, I started doing a keto diet. While I am no longer strictly keto, a lot of the keto way of life makes sense to me.

About a year ago I went into a bakery that advertised that they had keto baked goods. When I asked about them, the woman sadly replied, “No one wants to eat healthy during the pandemic.”

I admit, there were several months when I ate way too much cheese and ice cream, but it’s time for us to really take the reins on our health. Here are some easy tips:

One of the easiest thing to do is to substitute lean protein for carbs. It may seem like that bowl of pasta will really hit the spot, but it won’t keep you full, and it will spike you blood sugar levels, which causes weight gain. And speaking of carbs…

Limit your intake of all carbohydrates, especially sugar. Sugar suppresses the immune system, and also causes us to gain weight. If you’re looking for a sweet treat, check out some of the keto offerings. Some of them are really good! But read the labels because a lot of them have a lot of chemicals, which of course is unhealthy.

Get committed to eating more vegetables. Even if you just include one serving of vegetables per meal, you’ll be replacing unhealthy calories with healthy ones, and boosting your antioxidants. You can use a lot of seasoning for extra flavor, but limit the amount of oil you use, especially saturated fats.

Reduce or eliminate your gluten intake. This is getting easier as there are so many gluten-free products on the market now. Better yet, try swapping out zucchini another type of vegetable noodle for your pasta.

Drink lots of water. You’ve been hearing this for years, but are you actually doing it? What other health tips can you add? Let me know in the comments