Heavy Metal Is Good for You!

Take that, ’80s parents:  Heavy Metal is actually GOOD FOR YOU!!!  That’s according to a clinical psychologist named Nicole Andreoli.

In a TikTok, she explained that listening to any kind of music can be, quote, “therapeutic and can allow for an emotional release.”  And Metal is no exception.

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She adds that Metal lessens negative emotions by reducing cortisol levels, which helps lessen stress.

Also, people who listen to Metal tend to think more logically and in more complex terms than those who don’t.  It’s also been known to, quote, “help the most with focus.”

And while Metal lyrics tend to focus on RAGE, Metal has been found to be, quote, “a positive way to process anger safely.”

Andreoli also has videos on the links between mental health and Hip-Hop, True Crime, and horror movies.