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Heavy Metal Music is good for you!

I have never been a huge fan of the really, really, really Heavy Metal music, but I do like AC/DC, Zeppelin and other hit metal and I just found out that it is good for you.  A Mother of a friend of my son, Hunter, loves the heavy duty German Metal and every time she would come to pick up her son, you would hear the music thundering out of her SUV.  No wonder she is always smiling!

What heavy metal song would you choose?

Here’s the stuff.


  • Here’s one more reason to “bang your head!” A recent study suggests that listening to heavy metal is good for your health – your mental health.
  • Nick Perham has a PhD in psychology and told Loudwire that, although non-metal fans tend to experience anxiety after listening to the genre, those who listen regularly actually process anger better.
  • Certainly ironic, given what can be the graphic nature of lyrics. However, Perham says, compared to non-metal fans, research shows avid listeners were happier as kids and that carried over into adulthood.


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