Help This Local Basketball Player Get Home to Say Goodbye to Her Father

A tragic story is unfolding here in Joliet.

Jordan Pyle is a star forward for the University of St. Francis women’s basketball team. She has been a huge part on why they were given a top seed in the NAIA post season tournament that is set to start next week. She has been excelling on the hardwood and in the classroom all while being nearly 10,000 miles away from her home in Traralgon, Australia.

Tragically, her father just unexpectedly passed away at the age of 46 back in their home country of Australia.

Naturally, Jordan has been trying to get home to see her family and say good bye to her father whom she has not seen since August. However, Australia currently institutes a two week quarantine for anyone entering the country, so right now, Jordan would have to wait alone in a hotel room for 14 days before she can say good bye to the father she tragically lost.

There is a social media campaign to pressure the Australian government to let Jordan in and say goodbye to her father.

I’m hoping there is a way someone can find some sort of avenue for this to happen so a daughter can pay her last respects to her father.

Her teammates here in Joliet will be playing in the national tournament without one of their star players, but this poor girl just needs to get home!

Please, retweet this story. Share it on any social media and tag anyone you think can help! Atheletes, politicians, hell, the Prime Minister of Australia himself ( Hopefully the right people see it and this starts to spread so Jordan can go home to be with her family.