Help Us OFFICIALLY Name This Color “959 The River Blue”

There are nearly 17 million colors in the red-green-blue (RGB) color spectrum, which is what we use on the Internet. But we here at The River are fond of one in particular. R-0 G-175 B-197, otherwise known as hex color #00afc5.

If you look at our logo, it’s the darker blue color at the very end of the blue streak under the last “r” in “River.”

Right now, there’s a new project that’s crowdsourcing names for ALL 16.8 million RGB colors!

If you go to, you can pick colors to name, or they’ll assign you random ones.

And as long as the name is, quote, “descriptive and non-offensive,” it becomes official. That’s what we have done with our gorgeous 959 The River Blue! However, we need votes just in case some rogue color-namer swoops in and tries to dethrone us!

While you are there, you can have some fun with it! Have you ever wanted to name a color?  Do you KNOW you could come up with something better than Crayola?  I mean, “burnt sienna”?  Come on.

Vote for our delightful 959 The River Blue here!