Help With The Oscars.

So I’ve ask a couple of times this past week, on the air, if you would be watching The Oscars on Sunday Night. Well here we are! Have you seen many of the nominated films and the actors and actresses performances and do you do your own voting for best of? I watched “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” last night. Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman were both amazing and are both nominated, but that’s the only Oscar film I’ve seen. I mean who’s been in a theater lately? I know they’ve been streaming everything and if you have the right access you can see pretty much anything. Now I’m doing this as a service because I’m working right up against the telecast and I’ll be peeking as I go along too, so I’m hoping you will keep me on in the background for those long boring categories and all the commercial breaks! I’ve included a link with all the nominees and films and this way you can keep track and still enjoy the telecast and “The Sunday Night Cruise”.

For The Oscars Click Here