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Here Are America’s Favorite Dog Breeds in 2021

No matter how you do these studies, Labrador retrievers always come out on top . . .

A new poll looked at the most popular dog breeds in America by doing a bunch of one-on-one matchups, and having people vote.  And labs won 83% of their matchups.

193 different breeds were matched up against each other.  Here are the dogs with the highest winning percentages . . .

  1. Labs, 83%
  2. golden retrievers, 79%
  3. Alaskan malamutes, 75%
  4. Entlebucher mountain dogs, 72%
  5. Shetland sheepdogs, 72%
  6. border collies, 71%
  7. miniature American shepherds, 71%

And four different breeds won 70% of their matchups:  Samoyeds, Australian shepherds, Icelandic sheepdogs, and Norwegian Buhunds.

At the bottom of the list are Chinese crested dogs, winning only 17% of matchups.  They also tend to dominate the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.  They win it about half the time.

YouGov has the list.  At the bottom, you can search for specific breeds.

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