This morning we asked our Facebook followers, “What’s the dumbest thing you believed as a kid?”

The responses were hilarious! Here are the best ones!

Bonnie: I killed a nun….long story from my catholic school days in the 60s.

Di: Eat all your crust, it will make your hair grow.

Judy: My dad had me and my siblings believing that the three stooges were our uncles until I was in first grade. He still refers to them as Uncle Moe, Uncle Larry, and Uncle Curley. We would watch episodes and he would tell us they were home movies.

Marilou: Watermelon seeds will grow in ur tummy if u eat them.

Doreen: My brother told me if drinking out of a can or bottle the last 7 sips are spit because of backwash. Still pour the last bit down the drain. Thanks big brother!

Niall: If you swallowed chewing gum it would stick to your heart 😂😂

Trina: I was about six or seven, making my first communion, and my oldest sister played an evil trick on me right before I went to get in line with my class to enter the church. She told me that I needed to be careful not to bite down on the host when I was walking back from the altar. Like an idiot (or a six year old, I guess), I asked why. She said, “because then Jesus’s blood will gush out of your mouth and go all over your white dress.” I was so careful not to bite down that the host stuck to the roof of my mouth.