Here Are the Cities People Moved to and Away from in 2020

There are plenty of people who didn’t go into this year thinking they’d be moving . . . but, you know, 2020 and all. just released the results of a study that found which cities people were moving to the most this year . . . and which cities people were moving away from.

The running joke around here is how so many people are moving out…and that’s true, but not as true as it is for some other cities around the country. Chicago ranks fourth in terms of cities that people are moving out of.

Hartford, Connecticut is #1 New York City is #2.  Then comes San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, Norfolk, Virginia, Boston, Detroit, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh.

There were a lot of people leaving big, expensive cities, or cities with struggling job markets . . . and moving to slightly less big, less expensive cities with growing job markets.

The top 10 cities people moved TO are: Austin, Texas, Phoenix, Nashville, Tennessee, Tampa, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Dallas, Denver, Charleston, South Carolina, and Seattle.