You might think that all of the ingredients at Subway are pretty basic so it’d be hard to get WEIRD with ’em. And you’d be wrong.

Subway employees on Reddit are currently breaking sandwich artist-patient confidentiality and sharing the strangest things they’ve ever seen someone order. And here are the highlights . . .

1. Meatball sub with scoops of seafood salad.

2. A sandwich toasted four times so it was, quote, “basically charcoal.”

3. A customer wanted so many olives he wound up calling the owner to demand more when the employees cut him off.

4. Wheat bread, every single condiment, nothing else.

5. An entire bottle of oil on a cold cut combo.

6. Meatball sub, no sauce, extra vinegar.

7. Two full bags of lettuce on a sandwich . . . that’s two pounds. And the guy would order it every single day.

8. Quote, “Not an order . . . a customer came in with a Kermit the Frog puppet, the customer spoke through the puppet, [we] had to hand the change to the puppet and also slide the sandwich to the puppet.”

As a matter of fact, it’s looking like I may be chowing down on one of these dumpster fires of a sandwhich. I, a Sox Fan, made a now terrible bet with Cubs Fan Scott Childers on the series this weekend. Loser has to eat a sandwhich from the above list of the winner’s choosing. So…I wonder what fountain drink goes with every single condiment?