Here’s How Risky It is to Trick-or-Treat This Halloween In Every County in America.

Keep this in mind before you read further…this website was constructed by Hershey’s. Clearly Hershey’s doesn’t want to cancel Halloween, and neither do I!  So they launched an interactive map that shows how risky it is to trick-or-treat in every county in America.


Halloween 2020

With the convergence of a full moon, a blue moon, daylight saving time and Saturday celebrations – plus the unprecedented events of this year – Halloween 2020 will truly be one to remember. Much has changed … but our love for the fun, fright, and delight of Halloween is strong as ever.

Most counties in our listening area are orange, with Kendall being the exception. They are in the yellow category. So what do they recommend for counties in the orange risk level?

  • Trick or Treat in Reverse
    Get the kids all decked out in their costume of choice and hang out with them in the front yard as neighbors walk or drive by and deliver candy!
  • Trick or Treat Drive By
    Take a ride on over to visit friends and fam in costume! Honk, text or shout upon arrival and deliver some treats or tricks in costume to your fave folks!
  • Costume Week
    Fully embrace your inner costume character and dress up throughout the entire week leading up to that big ol’ Blue Moon! Your friends and fam will have a blast running errands, walking the dog or joining a zoom meeting… in costume!
  • Neighborhood Candy Hunt
    A trick or treat treasure map can point to all the goodies or just let ‘em run wild and discover strategically placed stashes of sweets! Make sure to lay the ground rules to keep social distancing guidelines in place!
  • Neighborhood Pub Crawl: For all the late-night shenanigan seekers who are over the (blue) moon excited about having an extra hour to celebrate this year, some social distancing shots may be in order! Set up driveway stations with Halloween libations and reconnect with your neighborhood pals!
  • Let’s Do the Time Warp Again: Set up an epic themed drive-in movie complete with all the props and accessories for The Rocky Horror Picture Show event of a lifetime!

And ideas for Kendall County:

  • Trick or Treat!
    Time to get the treats, but before you do… it’s super important to strictly adhere to the official trick or treat guidelines! Focus on safety first and make sure you’re only visiting the neighbors that have safety measures in place!
  • Yeet the Treats
    Embrace the Millennial dictionary this Halloween and learn a new word that all the cool kids know… YEET! This trendy new lingo means to throw (something) forcefully in a specified direction. So, huddle with the neighborhood beforehand and get everyone on board to Yeet the Treats! Reminiscent of those nostalgic days gone by where parade floats threw out candy to kids who patiently stood by. This time, homeowners will yeet candy from 6 feet away as costumed kids travel safely up and down sidewalks.
  • Drive Up Trick or Treat
    Neighbors set up curbside shop as parents drive on up with their favorite costumed characters to scoop up the sweets and treats! Keep the hand sanitizer handy and keep on the look out for official trick or treat safehouses!
  • Neighborhood Parade
    Organize a neighborhood costume parade where the route is predetermined and marked to maintain safe distances between participants. Stay safe by incorporating sanitize stations, yellow caution tape, 6ft sidewalk stickers/tape, age group signs and more!
  • Family pet parade
    Talk about a new tradition! Take to the streets with your furry friends and take part in a social distancing pet parade! Dog treats go to the best costume!
  • Fairytale Forest
    Plan a path through neighboring woods or a park and light it up with glow sticks, flashlights and more! Line the trail with Halloween décor, props, candy and surprises. Trees can be tied with ribbons to help follow social distance guidelines!
  • Face Mask Party
    Order up a bunch of plain face masks and have yourself a paint party! Decorate, doodle and bedazzle your way to some snazzy new face masks to wear this fall.

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