My wife is a teacher, so I have a soft spot in my heart for educators. Not only is she a teacher, but she’s a Kindergarten teacher, which means if you couple that with having to deal with me and two kids at home, canonization is on the table.

No one said the job would be easy, or pay enough, or have adequate support, but that doesn’t stop the best teachers.

So here’s to all the teachers that, even if they feel overwhelmed at times, they know that what they are doing is God’s work.

To the ones that not only put in a full day in the classroom, but then go home and spend their hard-earned money on additional classroom supplies.

To the ones who, instead of  spending quality time with their families, are grading papers or brainstorming ways to make their classroom more enriching for other people’s kids.

To the ones that deal with difficult parents with grace and and a smile, and who are quietly thankful for parents who get it.

To the ones who seem to have infinite patience, and can somehow give every student the attention they need when it seems almost impossible to even concentrate.

To the ones who get to see the light click on when a student who was having trouble finally figures it out. That’s why they do the job.

To the spouses at home who know their role as a sounding board for complaints or an understanding ear when one of the most stressful jobs gets to be too much for just a moment.

To the ones who use all those Starbucks and Target gift cards from Christmas time.

Teachers, thank you for accepting the challenge of educating our kids. I hope you can enjoy a cold beverage of your choosing today!

Here’s a list of all the free food teachers get today, because dadgumit, you’re earned it!