Holiday Shopping! You Started Yet?

So the election is in the books sorta!! At least the, what I called the blanket suspense coverage, by the networks seems to be easing off. We’re now about two and a half weeks till Thanksgiving even though the weather doesn’t seem to be and that means that Christmas can’t be far behind. Have you started your holiday, Christmas shopping yet? Yeah me either, but the ads are all over tv and the web. WLIT started it’s nothing but Christmas music just the other day. I swear they start earlier every year. 2021 I think they’re thinking of starting in August, right after Lollapalooza! I know peeps who have all their shopping done already. How nuts is that? The word annal comes to mind. I’m a holiday time shopper and I don’t do much on line. I still like the hustle and bustle of Christmas time and elbowing my way to the front of the check out line! Not! But, I thought I’d give you some unique gifts ideas to think about as you motion toward Thanksgiving. The magic word of the week is gift wrap.

Cool Products That Make Great Holiday Gifts.