Holiday Things We’re Googling Right Now

Do you ever feel like Googling something and you say to yourself, “there’s not going to be an answer on there?”

I think you’ll be surprised.  Every time I ask my wife a question, she says, “Google It.”  So I do and there’s always an answer waiting for my eyes.

Check out the latest Holiday Things people are Googling right now.  You are NOT alone!

Google just posted a bunch of stats on holiday-related stuff Americans are searching for right now.  Here are a few highlights . . .

Searches for “funny white elephant gifts” are up 600% in the past week . . . searches for “ugly Christmas sweater near me” are up 135% . . . “gift ideas for co-workers” is up 150% . . . and a ton of people are looking to buy reindeer antlers for their car.

The top “gift” categories we’re googling are “tech gifts” . . . “gifts for readers” . . . “alcohol gifts” . . . “gifts for moms” . . . and gifts for “boyfriends.”  And the top toys we’re looking for are Legos, Peppa Pig stuff, Barbie Dream Houses, and American Girl Dolls.