Home alone with canines again

Hey, Rich Dale here.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Mine was pretty cool.  We had about a dozen people over and had two turkeys — one roasted and one grilled.

And we had the typical amount of food — that is, a little too much.  Then we sat around and played some screwy card games for a while.

As midnight approached, it was time to prepare for Black Friday.  It’s a tradition for my wife and her sisters to head out around midnight Thursday night and stay out all night.  Same this year.  So all night, it’s just me and the dogs.  I’ve never even considered going along.

So they came home around 9 am and then in a couple of hours, it was time to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers play the Iowa Hawkeyes.  They actually stayed awake for that!

I had to give myself a hard reminder to be here today.  Even though I sleep the night, the whole Black Thursday/ Black Friday things kind of makes me forget what day it is!  Welcome to Black Saturday afternoon!



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