Hot Dad Summer?! Says Women Are Looking for Single Dads

It’s difficult to dive into the dating scene when you’re a single parent.  You have less freedom to spend nights out on the town . . . and you have to sell someone else on yourself AND a parenting-in-progress situation.

But that’s a PERK for some people.

A new survey from shows that 60% of single women are open to dating single dads.

These women are less willing to put up with indecisiveness, uncertainty, and immaturity.  A single dad may be more likely to be stable, responsible, mature, and they’re less likely to “play games.”

Here are a few other stats from the survey:

75% of single people say that a “match” having a kid would have “little to no impact” on their interest in dating them.

95% said the match should be up-front about having a kid on the FIRST date . . . but they wouldn’t need to MEET the kid early on.  60% said it could happen for the first time after six months of dating.

And hey, there are a LOT of reasons dating a single dad is awesome, like…

He’ll never blow you off to hang with friends since he doesn’t have any! 🥁🤣

All you have to do to impress him is be potty-trained!🥁🤣

He’s a great chef . . . as long as you like waffles or fish sticks.🥁🤣

What he lacks in money he makes up for in juice boxes.🥁🤣

You know he’s tough since he’s repeatedly survived stepping on Legos.🥁🤣

Whenever he removes his shirt you can admire those “swing-pushing muscles.”🥁🤣

Oooook…that’s all I got!

You can read what I read here: PR Newswire