How Are You With Snakes?

What’s the Harrison Ford line from “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”….”I hate snakes, why did it have to be snakes”? So how are you with snakes. I have to say I don’t have a lot of history with the slithering sidewinders although I remember catching a garter snake as a kid and keeping it in a box for a while. Fed it insects and such, but it didn’t survive. My bad. So I saw this article on Florida’s Python hunting competition and it peeked my curiosity. The Everglades are apparently over run with Burmese Pythons. These things can grow to 18 feet and they multiply like rabbits. It’s an important program that will help restore Florida’s ecosystem.  Last years completion removed 223 invasive Burmese pythons from the Everglades. “To try to keep the Everglades healthy, you have to have the animals that belong in it. And in order to do that, you have to remove the invasive predator that is the Burmese python.” Interested, the competition starts August 5th. Here’s the whole story and good luck.

Interested In Florida’s Python Hunting Competition.