How ’bout those Cornhuskers!

Hey, Rich Dale here.  Thanksgiving is probably the holiday where football is the most talked about.  And of course, around here when it comes to football, everybody talks about the Bears.  And it’s excellent that they beat the Lions on Thanksgiving Day and now they’re 8 and 3!

Now I may have to surrender my man card over this, but I have to confess that in my house, my wife is the football fan.  And she does dig the Bears.  But just as much, she’s into the Nebraska Cornhuskers, being from a little Nebraska town with a population of about 200.

So the Huskers don’t have a great win-loss record this year (4-8).  And they played on Friday and yes they lost.  In case you didn’t see the game, at the end of the third quarter, they were behind 28-13.  Then in the fourth, they scored 15 points to tie it up!  Unfortunately, in the last few seconds, Iowa kicked a field goal to win 31-28.

Losing is no fun, but nevertheless the fans were pretty happy with the Huskers’ performance, and in a way, that’s where it really counts.  The real fans know that the new head coach, Scott Frost, has his work cut out for him — building the team from the ground up, with a true freshman quarterback.  Friday’s game gave hope that the Huskers will rise again!  Go Big Red!



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