How Good Do You Wanna Feel?

Hi, Leslie Harris here, and as we head into the holiday season, we need to talk about…


I know, it tastes so good, but it is so bad for us!

Research shows that sugar can contribute to diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and so many others.

When we eat sugar it triggers dopamine, which makes you feel good for a while, but it also makes you crave more sugar. And more sugar. And then some more.

Remember that it has no nutritional value. So when you are eating sugar you are just adding calories. It also saps your energy.

And finally, some research shows that sugar can affect your memory and your ability to learn. It is believed that sugar can contribute to diseases like Alzheimer’s!

So even if you can’t cut sugar completely out of your life, at least try to cut back. You’ll feel better!

By the way, I stay away from chemical sweeteners, which come with their own set of problems. My favorite  sweetener is erythritol, which doesn’t affect blood sugar, is natural, and tastes good. Give it a try!