Hey it’s Chris Miles and on rainy days my family and I like to stay in, crack open the windows (if it’s warm and breezy, what can I say, we like the rain) and have a good quality game night.

Last night we played one of my favorites “Clue Mysteries”. It’s a bit of a twist on the original version of clue. In this game players go to different suspect locations to gain clues to figure out who committed the crime. There are also two extra locations that tell you who might not be telling the truth and where the crime was committed.

We also played “Mousetrap” which is my sons favorite. This game always takes me back to my childhood because I remember playing it at my grandma’s house with all my cousins.

Well, last night we hit a new landmark in this game. If you have ever played this game I am sure you have experienced the “Miss-fire” aspect of the trap not working right? Some examples include, the shoe not hitting the bucket, the diver not hitting the pool, and the first ball not hitting the hand to make the second ball roll into the tub. Last nights all time high was the shoe not hitting the bucket not once, twice or even three times (a lady….sorry I had to do that). It took five tries before the shoe hit the bucket, then the diver didn’t jump into the pool like he was supposed to.

In total it took six tries until we got one mouse trapped. How many times has this happened to you in this game? Let me know in the comments below.