How Much Of A Risk Is Your Thanksgiving Gathering?

As we continue down the COVID path we keep getting new messages and warnings about things to avoid or to not participate in. Now, it would seem it’s smaller more intimate gatherings with those who you are closer to. Thanksgiving is just over a month away, my favorite holiday, and I’m hosting two of my kids, daughter  McKenna and RJ with my two grandsons and my son Mitchell who will be coming in from LA. Also my oldest granddaughter Emma and her significant other Danny are coming in from Cleveland. Susie will be joining us as well. From what I’m seeing the CDC is now saying it’s gatherings like these that are starting to cause more outbreaks. So what’s a person to do? Susie and I are both in the age category of being in more danger from coronavirus, but we can’t quarantine everyone for two weeks. Maybe a test within a few days before they come into town. I don’t know at this point, but I’m not willing to give up Thanksgiving with family just yet!!

Here’s The CDC Info: