How much stress is too much stress?

Hi, Leslie Harris filling in for Mitch Michaels, and yes, I know that any stress is too much stress. But is it?

I have ADHD, and one of my symptoms is that I’m disorganized. It’s a battle that I have been fighting my entire life.

I haven’t had company in the last couple of years, cuz you know, the pandemic, but I was hosting Christmas dinner and I stressed out so much about getting my house in order that I got pretty sick. In fact, I had to call in sick yesterday, and my brand new boss had to fill in even though he’s supposed to be on vacation this week.

However, a little bit of stress works for me. I get a lot more done when I’ve got a deadline looming large. I need to figure out a way, or several ways of managing a happy medium. I try to use things like mindfulness techniques, deep breathing, calming herbs and essential oils. (I’m also going to get help with the house)

What are some of your favorite ways to keep it together, without just abandoning everything? Let me know in the comments