If you judge a city based on the seven deadly sins, where does sweet home Chicago rank? I’m sure wrath will bump Chicago up the rankings a bit, but is it enough to dethrone Sin City itself?!

The website WalletHub just ranked the 182 biggest cities in the country from most sinful to least sinful. And they did it based on different stats that correspond to the seven deadly sins . . .

1. Lust: Strip clubs per capita, Tinder users, and porn searches on Google.

2. Gluttony: Obesity rate, fast food joints per capita, binge drinking, DUIs, smokers, marijuana use, and drug overdoses.

3. Greed: Casinos, gambling addiction rates, and charitable giving.

4. Sloth: Exercise rates, volunteering, and average time spent watching TV.

5. Wrath: Violent crimes, assaults, hate crimes, and shootings.

6. Envy: Theft, identity theft, and fraud.

7. Pride: Beauty and tanning salons per capita, and plastic surgery Google searches.

The least sinful cities are: Pearl City, Hawaii . . . South Burlington, Vermont . . . Chesapeake, Virginia . . . Virginia Beach, Virginia . . . and Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Click play on the video to hear the top ranked most sinful cities!