How Sweet It Is

Hi, this is Leslie Harris, and Valentine’s Day is this Friday. Is it wrong that I find Valentine candy almost as exciting as the holiday itself?

I love conversation hearts – the original type. Now they used to be made by the Necco wafer company. They are now made by another company, but they’ve got that awesome chalkiness that we remember from our childhood. (none of those that both sweet and tart for me, thank you very much) I will say however, that I’ve gotten a couple of boxes of them this year, and both of them has been without the snappy little phrases.  Yes, I’ve gotten blank hearts! No “what’s up?” or “Hot Stuff.” Hmph.

I am also quite partial to Reese’s peanut butter hearts. I appreciate the greater peanut butter to chocolate ratio , and the more generous portion than what we get in a standard peanut butter cup.

How about you? What is your favorite Valentine candy? Let me know in the comments.

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