How to Catch a Ghost

Hi, Leslie Harris filling in for Mitch Michaels today. Happy October, or as my oldest calls it, the second day of Halloween. Now, my oldest is 24 years old, but she still loves Halloween as much if not more than she did when she was little.

I recently came across a book of stories that she in her classmates wrote when she was in kindergarten. The book is called how to catch a ghost, and here is my daughter’s entry:

“I would go in a forest to catch a ghost because that’s where ‘the witching hour’ is. I would get up on a high hill and hold my bag out period I would pull it down so the ghost can’t get away. I would bring it home and tie the bag to two handles and feed it!

When I read this story to her earlier today, she said, “That tracks, the fact that I would feed the ghost.”

I agreed and we both had a good chuckle.

What are some cute or funny things that your kids or grandkids have done around Halloween? Let me know in the comments.

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