My anniversary was over the weekend, and instead of getting gifts, we decided to make a really good steak dinner!

I picked up some dry-aged bone-in ribeyes from Tichlers in Plainfield, then cooked them sous-vide to a perfect medium-rare 130 degrees. If you haven’t used the sous-vide method before, it’s basically putting your protein in a vacuum-sealed bag and placing it in a very precisely controlled water bath until it cooks to the desired temperature. By doing that, you get the perfect doneness every single time. No guess work needed. And you can leave the meat in the bath and it will hold at that temperature, never over-cooking, until you are ready to eat!

I finished those bad boys on the grill, and my friends…they were spectacular. I even goofed a bit and kept them on the grill a bit too long, cooking the inside a bit more than I liked, but since the meat was so high quality and I cooked them low and slow for a while, they were still like butter!

I know I said we didn’t do gifts, but my wife and I enjoy sweets, so I did bought a dozen macarons from my buddy Chef Andy Chlebana (who was actually on a Food Network baking show a few years back), who just started his own bakery called Sift.

Oh. My God. Killer cookies!

Any questions about sous-vide? I’d love to talk to you! Shoot me an email at [email protected] or hit me up on Twitter (NickWithAMic).