Dogs and cats and penguins or whatever can’t really appreciate the cool colorful nature of fireworks.  It’s just a bunch of scary loud noises to them.  So here’s some advice on how to prepare them for the fireworks that will be happening tonight and during the next few days.

  • Many pets go missing during the Fourth of July due to all the loud noise of the fireworks so keep them indoors.  One of my wife’s dogs did this and after almost giving up, they found her hiding behind a bush in the yard.
  • Allow them to hide in a room or a crate with the T.V or music playing that will mask the sounds of fireworks.
  • Be sure your pets have an ID or are microchipped in case they do escape. Also, make sure you have a current picture of your pet.
  • A trick my wife learned was to create a positive association.  When fireworks (or thunder, in fact) happens, she says “thunder boomers” in a happy voice and gives them a treat.  That seems to work!