How to Walk On Ice Without Biting It: Walk Like a Penguin!

You might look silly, but at least you won’t fall!

Sometimes, when human kind needs help we look to the animal kingdom. What better way to get tips on walking on ice than those adorable little munchkins that live on the stuff!

The reason that penguins are so adept at walking on ice is center of gravity. They keep their weight directly over their feet and perform their famous waddle (as opposed to our human gate which puts the foot out in front as we walk). So do like the penguins…keep your weight out over the balls of your feet so the force is pushing down, not out, and waddle! You’ll make it from the door to your car much easier!

Also, if you have a slanted driveway, try sliding down on your belly. Also, take a video and send it to us. KThanks.

Speaking of which, here are a few videos of people who need to read this post. Yes…people falling makes me laugh. I’m sorry!

Oh my god…I really hope you don’t fall. But if you do, please record it!