Here’s another new product that would be cooler if you could actually buy it:  Lay’s has secretly been growing potatoes in dirt taken from NFL STADIUMS.  And they made a limited-edition line of CHIPS with them.  But you have to win a bag.

They’re called Lay’s “Golden Grounds” chips, and the tagline is, “Grown in Glory.”  They did it for 29 of the 32 teams . . . Browns, Bengals, and Broncos fans are out of luck.  For teams that play on turf, they used dirt from somewhere else in the stadium.  Then they mixed it with more dirt and grew potatoes in it.

To win a bag, go to and click on your favorite team’s bag.  That automatically tags them in a Tweet.  Then you have to post a photo or video showing that you’re a die-hard fan. It doesn’t have to be crazy…the winners are random, not based on how big of a fan you are.

They’re doing five different giveaways between now and January 21st, and only giving out 200 bags per team.