How TV Cop Shows Can Help Keep You Safe.

The world we live in has become so polarized and violent it almost makes you not want to venture out! And that doesn’t include the pandemic paranoia and cabin fever that we’ve all been feeling and dealing with for the past 15 months or so! The news reports of all the shootings in Chicago and the car jacking stories, even out here in safe suburbia, make you more aware of your surroundings! And that’s not the worst thing that ever happened to you! Self awareness is a good thing and self protection is too. I have a friend who recently went to a shop to buy a small baton that fits on her key chain and she also bought some mace! She’s a single mom, working and out in public so I get that. Texas is about to have it’s governor sign a bill legalizing the carrying of hand guns without a permit or background checks or much of anything. Sounds to me like the Wild Wild West is coming back! The differences in political opinions and outlooks have given rise to much more hard edged talk and confrontations. What ever happened to we agree to disagree? Now I watch my fair share of TV and I like certain shows FBI Most Wanted, Chicago PD, SVU Organized Crime and Blue Bloods and I take all of them with a grain of salt. This is entertainment people not real life, but there are some real life lessons to be learned from some of these shows. Here’s a piece that says a lot more on that!

How TV Cop Shows Can Help keep You safe. Click Here.