How You Can Help These Cuties

Leslie Harris filling in for Mitch Michaels. As you may know, I am heavily involved in animal rescue, mostly cats and dogs. I foster cats for Saint Sophia’s Forgotten Felines in Wheaton, and I also transport animals from high kill shelters to rescue agencies with Illinois Animal Rescue.

The pandemic has brought on a surge of animal adoptions which is great news. There are new problems, however.

For example, one rescue agency I work with is having trouble keeping small dogs “in stock.” Another Rescue agency is pulling dogs from further away, such as warmer States. Unfortunately, in Southern States heartworm, which is a potentially deadly parasite is much more common. So the shelters are having to spend more money on making sure the dogs are healthy before they go up for adoption. Each dog that is diagnosed with heartworm costs the shelter about $500! So what can you do to help end the suffering of companion animals? Plenty.

The biggest thing you can do is to donate money to your local shelter. Donating pet food would be second on the list. Foster homes are always needed and if you decide you like the animal, you could end up adopting them.. Rescue agencies cannot take more animals if they have no place to put them.

And if you find cats outside, you can help save their lives by leaving food and shelter for them. If you find kittens try to trap them and bring them to your local shelter. The shelters will spay, neuter and vaccinate kittens and find homes for them. Together we can end the suffering of companion animals.

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