Human+Nature is Worth Connecting

Hey there, Leslie Harris here and Wednesday, I took a trip to Morton Arboretum to see their new exhibit, Human+Nature.

I don’t know quite how to describe these sculptures. They almost feel alive to me, even though they are abstract. There are five of them, and each one is more beautiful than the last.

They are made to look like wood, but they are actually made of a durable resin, to withstand our harsh weather. The picture you see is me, in the ‘hand’ of one of the sculptures.

The artist, Daniel Popper, created them to show the connection between humans and nature.

I loved this exhibit, and I highly recommend going to see it. My only complaint is that the paths to many of the sculptures are not well-marked, and we had a difficult time finding a couple of them. A few other people we ran into were having the same problem, but we persisted and found all five of them.

Human nature is running running for at least a year at Morton Arboretum, so it’s good that the sculptures are weather-resistant. Find out more HERE

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