I have to be honest, as much as I was looking forward to watching my Goddaughter perform in her first dance recital, I wasn’t very much looking forward to watching all the other kids. I know that sounds mean, but who wants to sit through hour of little girls dancing when they aren’t your own?

While three hours is a long time to sit and watch anything, it was certainly more entertaining than what I was expecting! The recital featured 40 (yes, 40!) individual performances from all the different age groups that the dance company taught. Kids ranged in age from 5ish though seniors in high school.

My Goddaughter was awesome, as were the little ones she danced with. It was the cutest damn thing! And no, I wasn’t crying…I had something in my eye!

Second, the older girls were phenomenal dancers! The dancing was so on-point and the production value was so high that the entertainment value was good enough to make people stay in their seats the entire time (well, most people…there were some rude families who left mid-show).

Hats off to the dance company for putting on great show. I’m looking forward to seeing my GD in many more recitals…maybe not in some of those outfits though.