Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I could have sworn I had my phone when I walked out the door this morning…

I realized it when I was still in the car, but too far from home to go back.

It feels really weird.

I can’t stop worrying about: what if someone calls me with an emergency? what if someone texts me with an urgent question? How am I going to find the restaurant where I’m meeting my friends later?

Goodness, what did we do before we had phones? I used to be a functioning adult, even before I had a cell phone.

But…I’ll figure it out. I can communicate through Facebook Messenger, and I can get directions the ‘old fashioned way’ – look them up on the internet. I may even print them out! 😀

I’m also kind of feeling…excited? I’m one of those people who spends too much time on my phone, but I’m just gonna have to figure it out. Challenge accepted!

Would you be able to function without your phone? Let me know in the Facebook comments.

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