I Gotta Tip For Ya….Do This Again For $ure!!

I don’t know about you, but I feel I’m a pretty good tipper. Twenty percent for a standard good job of taking care of our eating and culinary needs. More if the service is outstanding! Valets, bellmen, bartenders all seem to do reasonably well if they’re takin’ good care of me. But now, here we are, it’s the holiday season and all of a sudden there’s all these other folks who you maybe should be topping off as a spirit of the times gesture! Your mailman or woman, babysitter, dog walker! Where does it stop? Knowing who to tip is always a bit of a puzzle. Why tip the hairdresser but not the dental hygienist? Why the dog walker but not the dry cleaner? And did you know you’re supposed to tip your trash collector if it’s a private service? The greatest growth in tipping expectations has been for in-home child care workers like nannies and au pairs. Meanwhile, mail carriers and teachers are occupations people think they should tip, but there are ethics restrictions on these. Here are some thoughts on whom and how much to tip during the holidays, from Emily Post:

Regular babysitter: One evening’s pay, plus a small gift from your child.

Barber: Cost of one haircut and possibly a small gift.

Hair salon staff: $10 to $60 each person, more for those who do the most for you.

Day care providers: $25 to $75 each, plus a small gift from your child.

Dog walker: One week’s pay • Personal trainer: Cost of one session • House cleaner: One day’s pay.

Nanny: One week to one month’s salary based on tenure and custom, plus a small gift from your kid.

Private nurse or nursing home employees: Gift, not cash.

Doorman: $10 to $80.

Handyman: $15 to $40.

Trash/recycling collector: $10 to $20 each (for private service).

Yard or garden worker: $20 to $50.

Child’s teacher: Gift, not cash, but check school policy (there are concerns about buying favoritism).

Mail carrier: Gift worth $20 or less; no cash or gift cards, per federal regulations.

I am bit confused…Favorite Disc Jockey’s  Not Listed!

You tip your dog walker, but not your favorite disc jockey….All I can say is….WOW!!



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