I Had a Crazy Night at the Chicago Steel Game

I had the pleasure of attending another Chicago Steel game on Friday, and it got a little crazy!

It was crazy hat night at the arena sponsored by School of Art in Geneva. I rocked my flashing Santa hat while each Steel player had a different helmet that was painted by a local art student. They were VERY cool and were auctioned off after the game for charity.

First, after being called out by Sam James for my lack of style dropping the ceremonial opening puck drop, I decided to step it up. Here was my plan:

While no video exists (yet) of my on ice performance, trust that it went exactly according to plan. I nailed it!

A few hours earlier, while I was hanging out in the lobby talking to fans, I got into a bit of a competition with the guy selling cable/internet next to us. He had a nice little pyramid of promotional cups on his table. Well, we had some cups too, so I decided to build my tower just one level higher. Then an all out cup-stacking war broke out!

As you can see from the photos, his tower ended up higher than mine, but that’s only because we ran out of cups! I tried to lob some inflated beach balls at his structure, but I coudln’t make contact. The whole thing ended when I offered a group of young hockey players a free t-shirt to the first one to knock down the other dude’s tower. Needless to say, it didn’t last long!

There is SO MUCH fun at Chicago Steel games, make sure you go check out one very soon!



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