A really hot gender reveal

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  Remember how back in the day, people wouldn’t know the gender of their baby until it popped out?  Of course, along came ultra-sounds and that all changed.  Doctors can now tell people what they’re most likely to have.

But obviously people want that big excitement of the reveal.  So some people just wait until birth like in the old days.

But then a lot of people opt for the big gender reveal party.  Sometimes it’s the cake that you can’t see whether it’s pink or blue until you cut it open.  Sometimes people want to go a little further.  A couple in California used a smoke generating device at El Dorado Ranch Park, where the smoke would be either pink or blue.

Inadvertently, the pyrotechnic gender reveal sparked a wildfire!  The fire has spread to over 10,000 acres so far.  It’s one of 23 major fires burning in California right now.  This is not the first time a gender reveal has caused a fire.  It serves as a reminder that we need to think about our surroundings before we do anything with fire.

Even the blogger who is credited with popularizing the gender reveal party in 2008, wrote on Facebook “Stop having these stupid parties.  For the love of God, stop burning things down to tell everyone about your kid’s p****.  No one cares but you.”