Good Morning!  Tim Thomas here…and I missed #NationalFriedChickenSandwichDay yesterday.  And I am upset.

I was not aware of this holiday and I would have happily participated in it.  C’mon…who doesn’t like a delicious fried chicken sandwich?  Vegans…I know.  But I digress

So lets make this simple.  Debate which one is better?  The new Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich…or is Chick-Fil-A still the best.  This could be tough…wars have been fought over less!   🙂

And perhaps I can grab the Popeye’s one today…if I am willing to wait in a long line, and I can wait until Monday to grab one from Chick-Fil-A.  I like a little kick with mine…so spicy for me!  Enjoy your Sunday and help me choose which one is the best!