I don’t think Cody Parkey will be buying any Goose Island beer anytime soon. Sure, on the surface it appears they are coming to his defense, but in reality, they are using his misfortune (mistake?) for a publicity stunt for their own brand and keeping the incident in the public discussion (which I think is a genius marketing move, by the way!).

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that CP hits the post so often…he practices it!


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That said, thanks to an inflated ego, I honestly think I could hit a field goal that Cody Parkey has missed. As a matter of fact, I’ve done it before!

(Full disclosure, I wasn’t given credit for the above kick because it was my third try, I took a longer run-up, I didn’t have to time it with a snap and there was no rush to pressure me, but I stand by my kick!)

I definitely don’t think I can hit from 43 with no practice. I’m not a professional. However, I DO think I can make it from Parkey’s nearest miss, which would be 33 yards, the distance of an NFL extra point. Even if we took his nearest missed field goal, that would be 34 yards.

Judging by my superior attempt a few years ago, I think 34 yards is in my range!