I Want One!

Hi, this is Leslie Harris. I am concerned with machines taking jobs away from people, however, this one seems like a good idea.

Chipotle is testing out a robot that makes guacamole. They’re calling it The Autocado, and they’re testing it out at the Chipotle Cultivate Center in Irvine California. But, they are looking to have it in their restaurants later this year.

It cuts, cores and peels the avocados, before an employee mashes them to make the guacamole. It is reducing prep Time by 50%, and the machine can handle 25 lb of avocados at once.

The avocados are loaded into the machine, then turned vertically. One at a time, they’re sliced in half, and the robot removes their skin and core, dropping the fruit into a bowl.

This is the second robot that chipotle is adding. Last year, they added Chippy, a robot that makes tortilla chips.

Perhaps these robots will increase Chipotle’s productivity, which could translate to fewer job losses.

Anyway, I think I want an avocado robot in my home. Love me some guacamole!

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