I wonder what Sir Paul would do with “Airplane”

Admittedly, this post has nothing at all to do with Airplane.  Except that it’s tied for first place for my favorite movie of all time!  Went to see that at the theatre when I had nothing else to do, and ended up seeing it at the theatre about ten more times!  (Of course, that was in the days before home video.)  Each time, I’d take a different friend, like I was “hosting” the movie or something.

But anyway, back on track.  I wanted to talk about my other number one movie of all time, It’s A Wonderful Life.  And word is getting around that Sit Paul McCartney is working on turning it into a stage musical!

Now there are a couple things about this.  This wouldn’t be the first musical based on that movie.  Another one came out in 1986, which I’ve never seen.  And I’m not usually much for regular stories being turned into musicals.  A few years ago, there was a Ghost musical making the rounds and the very idea of it turned me way off.  That was such a great story, why do that to it?  And I’m glad I never bothered seeing it because audiences seemed to agree.

But we’re talking about Paul McCartney here!  Who knows how to spin a tune better than Sir Paul?  And the story can’t be beat.  I’m not surprised that he wants to try his hand at this.  This would be his first stage musical.  He’s written classical-like music, and of course more amazing pop music than any-freakin-body.  Alright, there are no guarantees, but this one I might spend money on.