Ice Age Giants Invade Brookfield Zoo!

We’ve been members of Brookfield Zoo for six years. If you have kids, grandkids, or in any other way are in charge of entertaining kids for more than a few hours, a trip to Brookfield Zoo is something you know will make everyone happy!

Besides the greatest hits like Tropic World, the big cats, and my personal favorite, the bison, they have a new exhibit called Ice Age Giants! Thirty life-sized animatronic recreations of giants that roamed North America during the Ice Age. My kids LOVED IT!

We’re also big fans of the events that the zoo hosts. I can’t wait for Zoo Brew in August — their own craft beer festival where you can enjoy beers by the bears or lagers with the lions…or perhaps ales with the anteaters?! You get the idea!

They also have live music every Friday and Saturday in July that also include visits from their “animal ambassadors.”

Get your tickest at Better yet, do what we do, and get those annual memberships! Biggest no-brainer ever!