It’s weird how cats have a reputation for always drinking milk, but it’s none too good for dogs.  As dog lover’s know (or as I just learned), dairy is not the safest thing for dogs.  Now if you drop a little ice cream on the floor and your dog scoops it up, you don’t have to rush to the ER.

But Ben and Jerry‘s is releasing a safe line of desserts made for dogs.  I don’t know if you could really call them “ice cream”, but they are called, Doggie Desserts.  They’re made with a sunflower butter base and come in two flavors.

Pontch’s Mix is made with peanut butter and Rosie’s Batch is made with pumpkin and mini cookies.  Come to think of it, they might be good for vegan humans!  If you have a vegan over, serve it up — you don’t have to say it’s dog food.