If a movie can be made where everyone has forgotten about the Beatles except one guy who ends up performing with Ed Sheeran in concert … then our little Music Challenge can have some fantasy elements as well.

So imagine if every song you ever heard … all genres of music … could only be sung by one person … Who would you choose?  This is a tricky one because the answer may not be your favorite vocalist… What I mean by that is I LOVE Stevie Nicks but she ha a very unique voice and when she sings Stevie songs it’s amazing but I think if it was the only voice I ever heard it would be too much of the same.  The same could be said of Dolly Parton.  She has amazing voice but would you only want to hear Dolly?   Even with the fella’s … Robert Plant has some good range but I am not sure I could deal with his wailing all the time.

So lets start with some of the best vocalist of all time.  Freddie, Adele, Aretha, Otis, Ella, Bono, Elton, Mariah, Paul and John, all amazing .  You know I love me some George Michael … what an amazing voice.    At first I was going to go with Chris Martin from Coldplay.  I think it’s just that I like his voice and it’s so kind of generic that it would work with a lot of songs…. but then I thought … there was one voice that was unlike any others … it soothed .. it made you rejoice … it lifted you up and it made you dance … Sam Cooke … so I almost went with Sam.   Then I switched gears one last time and ended up with this voice … I think I went with Marvin because of the range.  His ability to sound funky, soulful, soothing, angry, poppy, and sing such peaceful vibes … So yup in my Music Challenge fantasy … I am going with the amazing Mr. Marvin Gaye (another voice we lost too soon.)

Now you tell me … one voice for all time … who would it be?