If Bohemian Rhapsody is Queen’s “signature song” what are some other bands signature songs?

No matter how long a band’s history and no matter how large their catalogue of work is, there is always one song that sticks out as the song most associated with that band … aka their signature song.

Bohemian Rhapsody was just an epic song.  It was groundbreaking, it was dramatic and as a Brit I can remember when it first came on the charts and I first that saw that video… you knew it was something magical for sure.  Younger people might say that it is Queen’s signature song because of the movie Wayne’s World … (there is a video out there of me with some friends recreating that scene … I will not be showing it as I may or may not have had a few adult beverages before my performance!)

So other signature songs seem a little more obvious to me.  Billy Joel’s Piano Man … I think the reason that is considered his signature song is because it’s essentially about him.  The same could be said for Cyndie Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna have Fun (is there anyone more fun than Cyndie?  She’s so unusual!)  How about the Boss … I would go with Born to Run … which again seems like it’s about him.   (The same could be said about Ozzy and Crazy Train – LOL!)

So tell me what do you think are some of the signature songs of other bands?



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