Happy Sunday! It’s Chris Miles and on days like this where it was going to be cold and snowy, I used to sit by the window and wait to see if I could build a snowman. Now that I am over forty I do not have that much enthusiasm. However, when I am not doing things around the house, hanging out with my kids or running errands, I think about unscientific poll questions to ask you, our listeners.


I think you will find today’s to be enjoyable.


When I was a kid, thinking of getting into radio, I always thought how cool it would be to be able to DJ for an hour. I would select songs and pretend to DJ in my room with my two-channel mixer.  I even record myself while doing it.


So what does all this have to do with today’s unscientific poll you ask? I thought it would be cool to allow you the opportunity to tell us what songs you would play, if you had an hour to program here at the River.


So…..what songs would you play here at the River if you could DJ / Program for an hour?

Send me a list of 9-10 songs, keep it to our format, and let us have some fun, programming the River for an hour.