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Men can’t get away with this

You might remember a couple of weeks ago when someone posted on Facebook that people should be banned from entering Disney World without their kids.  Danielle had a blog post about it, and in the post, you can see there was a lot of social media reaction on both sides of the issue.

So this past week, a woman who lives about a mile from Disney World actually celebrated her kids’ first day back at school by heading for the Magic Kingdom by herself after dropping her kids off at school!  She took pics with all the Disney characters and cool places.  And the reaction to her was largely positive.

I don’t think this would work for a man, and I know this first hand.

Since I was a kid, I was crazy about the Museum of Science and Industry.  When I said “the museum”, that was the one I meant.  So somewhere in my early 30’s, when my kids were doing something with their mom, I decided to head for “the museum” on my own.  I thought, Wow I can feel free to read stuff and whatever without my kids trying to hurry me along.

It was super-awkward!  I think it was not just being without kids, but being alone.  In retrospect, I’d never do that again.  When I’d be looking at some exhibit, I swear I could feel the watchful eyes of parents all over me.  It got so bad, I actually went to the gift shop and bought a pen and notebook so I could pretend to be taking notes, like I was in a college class or something.  It didn’t help much.  I was outta there pretty quick.

Gives me the willies just writing about it!  Lesson learned:  having a baby and going to family attractions alone are 2 things only women can do.

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