If You’re Over 5’9″, You’re at Higher Risk for More Than 100 Health Conditions

I will be 61 come August and at first, I thought it said if you are over 59 (the age) you are at higher risk for those 100 health conditions which seems like that would be pretty normal.  But this is all about your height.  Read on!

A new study looked at the medical records of 280,000 Americans, and found tall people are at a higher risk for over a HUNDRED different health conditions.

They used a database from the V.A., so everyone involved was a veteran, and about 90% were men.  For the study, they defined “tall people” as anyone over 5’9″.

Just a few of the conditions tall people are more prone to include blood clots . . . an irregular heartbeat . . . nerve damage . . . lightheadedness . . . inflammation . . . ulcers . . . leg pain . . . and bone infections.

They’re not sure why tall people are more susceptible, they just noticed a connection.  But one theory is it’s harder to pump blood through your body if you’re tall.  And that can lead to all sorts of health issues long term.

A lot of the health conditions also had to do with people’s legs and feet.  So the extra weight that comes with being tall could be a factor too.

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